Garden Design Coach

Not everyone needs a full-service landscape architect to create their dream garden. Design coaching is the affordable solution for people needing the trained eye and plant knowledge of a professional for a fraction of the cost.


I never meant to be a writer. Really. I started blogging one night. Then I got carried away, leading to a nationally read column at Fine Gardening and a popular garden design book.


Billy Goodnick has been delivering his mantra of “beautiful, useful, sustainable gardens” to homeowners, Master Gardeners, and students.He teaches audiences how to Design Like a Pro, while infusing a message of planet-friendly principles.

Crimes Against Horticulture: When Bad Taste Meets Power Tools

A chronicle of the amazingly boneheaded, f’ugly things people do in the name of gardening.

"I design, I educate, I entertain"

Recent Work

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