Yards: Turn Any Outdoor Space into the Garden of Your Dreams

“Billy Goodnick delivers the most laid-back,
user-friendly and entertaining garden advice
you’ll ever read. Invite him into your backyard – now!”

– Amy Stewart, New York Times bestselling author of Wicked Plants

Do you dream of outdoor living spaces that really work? Wish you had a best buddy who was also a design pro? Yards is brimming with design secrets and money-saving tips, with an emphasis on low maintenance, enjoyability, and just plain beauty. Kick back with Billy and discover how easy it can be to design like a pro.

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Table of Contents

Part 1:  DESIGN – You gotta have a plan

Ch 1:     Analysis: What do you have to work with?

Ch 2:     Finding Your Style: If it makes you smile (and nobody gets hurt) I’m fine with that.

Ch 3:     Planning Our Outdoor Living: Climate, “Rooms,” Entertainment, Privacy, Places for Your Stuff, Safety.

Ch 4:     Brainstorming Your Space Planning: I think I’ve got it!

Part 2:  AESTHETICS – Get your senses involved

Ch 5:     The “Why of Personal Taste: Honing in on your own.

Ch 6:     Key Aesthetic Elements in Your Design

Ch 7:     A Garden that Evolves with the Seasons: The “how” of a year-round garden

Ch 8:     The Sensual Garden: Sound, Scent, Touch, Movement, Memory

Part 3:  HARDSCAPE – If it isn’t green, it’s hardscape

Ch 9:     Infrastructure and Systems: Plumbing, Electricity, Gas, Drainage

Ch 10:   Anatomy of an outdoor Room: Analyzing your needs and materials, from floor to ceiling

Part 4:  PICKING PLANTS – How hard could it be?

Ch 11:  Selecting Plants That Will Love You Back: The Process of Elimination

Ch 12:  Pretty, Pretty: Going for “Beautiful”

Ch 13:  Foliage Exploitation: Beyond Flowers

Ch 14:  The Gentle Art of Plagiarism: Getting the Best Out of Other People’s Gardens

Ch 15:  What, How Many & Where Do They Go? Introducing Your “Core of Four”

Special Feature:   Crimes Against Horticulture: When bad taste meets power tools


A.   To Draw or Not To Draw: Do I really need to draft a design plan?

B.   Your Home Design Studio: All the tools you need

C.   Do It Yourself…or Hire a Pro? How to know your limits, and who to call for help

D.   Resources: websites, horticultural resources, professional organizations

E.   Murder Your Lawn: The siren song of the perfect lawn